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Best Deli in South Jersey

Carmen’s Deli was founded at 1966 in South Jersey and we have always served quality foods with a focus on great customer service. We pride ourselves in being one of the finest Deli’s in the area. Our employees strive to provide customer service with excellence, every time to love the meal you’re craving. Our customers associate our name with service and quality food products that continually keep our customers coming back. 

 This is why have received over 25 Awards including Best Hoagies, Best Deli, Best in South Jersey, and much more. One of the biggest  publications we received was Philadelphia Magazine since we carry over 50 of the top grade lunch meats and Dietz & Watson.  

We thank all of our customer’s for their patronage during these uncertain times. We are taking every precaution to ensure a safe, sanitary and positive experience at all our locations in Bellmawr, Haddon Heights, and Stratford, NJ. We added the easiest way to order, which is order online.

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Award Winning Hot & Cold Sandwich Selections
at Carmen's Deli

Whether it's an hot or cold sandwiches, we got you covered for all occasions proudly serving Dietz & Watson Premium Meats

Top Deli in South Jersey

"Hands down the best SUB in South Jersey! HUGE SUBS, HUGE TASTE, AND A HUGE Uncle comes up from Richmond, VA just to get Carmen's subs! Come try'um out! Two Food network stars and everyone who's yelped on here can't be wrong!"
Ria A.
"I have a huge problem with this place - it's not around the corner, AND they have too many great things to eat! The hoagies are just so awesome I almost forget how great the cheesesteaks are! I recommend you call in your order, especially when a game is going on."
Gary L.
"THEE ABSOLUTE BEST HOAGIE SPOT IN SOUTH JERSEY! They are huge sandwiches, the cheese steaks, hoagies, and white bread sandwiches I've ever had. Also their salads are really big and delicious, there is nothing there that is nasty. Trust me you will not be sorry."
Ebonee W.
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Carmen's Deli Locations

Bellmawr, NJ

Haddon Heights, NJ

Stratford, NJ


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