Carmen's Deli

42 East Browning Road, Bellmawr, New Jersey



Coleslaw $2.49 pint

Macaroni Salad $2.49 pint

Olive Salad  

$6.99 pint

Potato Salad $2.99 pint

Ultra Potato Salad
$3.49 pint

Chicken Salad

$6.99 lb.  
Shrimp Salad

$6.99 lb.  
Seafood Salad

$6.99 lb.  
Tuna Salad

$5.99 lb.  
Egg Salad

$5.99 lb.  

Combo Shrimp & Seafood Salad

$6.99 lb.  
Pepper Shooters $11.99 lb.

Long Hot Peppers $9.99 lb.

Rice Pudding   $3.49 lb.



Prices subject to change and store prices will reflect accurate pricing over online pricing.